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Official LJ Appreciation for The Pillowman

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[Mar. 12th, 2005|11:00 am]
Official LJ Appreciation for The Pillowman


Thank you, Elise, for the invitation to join this community. I suspect I’ll mostly be an observer. I rarely find the time to post or comment in LJ, though I do try to keep up with the reading of it.

Like you, I was captivated and haunted by The Pillowman. Unlike you, however, the production I attended had David Tennant as Katurian, Jim Broadbent as Tupolski, Nigel Lindsay as Ariel, and Adam Godley as Michal. Apparently Victoria Pembroke and Mike Sherman were in the productions each of us saw, though.

It is so very difficult for me to imagine anyone but the actors I experienced taking on these roles—just as you probably find it difficult to imagine any but those you saw. (And how very interesting that you met them afterwards. You really should tell more about that.)

But while on the subject of casting, I must say I am somewhat dubious of the choices made for the New York production of the play. Well, one choice, perhaps; I am not so familiar with the other actors. Jeff Goldblum as Tupolski?! If it was absolutely necessary to even cast him in this play, I would likely have at least considered him for Katurian, not Tupolski. (Although, I must admit, perhaps he is a bit too old for Katurian.)

Still, as I said when I discovered the choices made in the casting of the New York production of Michael Frayn’s Democracy (choices which utterly horrified me), I could very well be proven wrong and the chosen actor/actors actually turn in a fine performance/performances. (Alas, in the case of Democracy, judging by the reviews, I was absolutely correct regarding the miscasting of it. And if truth be told, I certainly have more faith in Goldblum as Tupolski than I ever had in Richard Thomas as Günter Guillaume or James Naughton—who looked much more like a used car salesman than the charismatic and conflicted chancellor—as Willy Brandt.)

Anyway, once again, thank you for the invitation. I am looking forward to reading what others have to say about the play—the poetry and prose of it, the production and performance of it, the characters and characterizations, the stories within the story, the darkness and light.


[User Picture]From: mizzliz83
2005-03-14 08:24 am (UTC)
Oooh I was there thursday matinee too.
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