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The Pillowman

Did I go with my eyes like this?

Official LJ Appreciation for The Pillowman
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This is the appreciation community for the National Theatre production of The Pillowman which ran from January to March 2005, starring Lee Ingleby, Edward Hogg, Jim Norton, Ewan Stewart, Victoria Pembroke, Mike Sherman, Jordan Metcalfe, and Bryony Hannah.

If you would like to critisize the play, please do so elsewhere. Any member who joins and proceeds to insult the director, writer, or actors will have their posts deleted and whenceforth be banned from this community.

This is not a pictures-only community, though if you do have pictures please feel free to post them. You can also post reviews, quotes, articles, and your personal responses to the play, and of course generally squee about its sheer brilliance with the other members!

If you have large images please post them behind a cut as this is somewhat kinder to those members on dial-up connections, and do try not to hot-link from other people's websites; if you are looking for a free webhost you can try photobucket or villagephotos. Alternatively you can e-mail the pictures to me and I will be happy to host them for you.


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